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high power lipo battery with low price

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We specialize to manufacture various lipo batteries for RC helicopter, plane, car etc with high quality and low price. Among them, 11.1V 2200MAH Rechargeable Lipo-Polymer Battery is one of the most popular. This extremely 3-Cell lipo with unbelievable 25C discharge rate and less weight than standard NIMH batteries, however, its burst rate can reach 35C or even more, make you can enjoy more perfect flight. At the same time, it not only can apply on Align T-rex, Walkera, Protech model, but also can apply on Esky, Graupner, Eflite, Ripmax etc other popular brand RC models. Therewith, 3S-MODEL LiPo batteries will become your Great option parts for any plane, helicopter, boat and car model to significatly increase performance and fun More detailed information, please visit the following site:
11.1V 2200mah 25C: https://www.3s-model.cn/page/Lipo/index.php
14.8V 2200mah 25C: https://www.3s-model.cn/page/148V/index.php
11.1V 2200mah 8C: https://www.3s-model.cn/page/11V8C/index.php
22.2V 2500mah 25C: https://www.3s-model.cn/page/2500/index.php

Email: sales@3s-model.cn
Web: www.3s-model.cn


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